The 10 Best Pinball Apps

Whether you want to take pinball on the road, or if there are just no machines around you, having a good pinball app to play is always handy. There are lots out there to choose from, which can make it tough to know which are the best pinball apps.

The 10 best pinball apps are:

  1. Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded
  2. PinOut!
  3. Williams Pinball
  4. Zen Pinball
  5. Bethesda Pinball
  6. Pinball HD
  7. Pinball Arcade
  8. Pinball Flipper Classic 12 in 1
  9. 3D Pinball (Android only)
  10. Pro Pinball (Apple only)

All of the free apps listed below will have ads in the game, but most will offer in-app purchases if you want to remove them, along with options to get extra tables. Some of the games only come with one table in the free version, so it’s worth considering checking out the in-app purchases.

The 10 Best Pinball Apps

1. Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded

Android Link for Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded

iPhone Link for Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded

This pinball app gives you 8 different tables to choose from and some customization through playing and collecting various things in each game. For example, there’s a table called Brix with 50 different brick breaking levels in the game to work your way through.

It offers a paid pack that unlocks the other four tables and some extras. A cool feature of the last table that you unlock is an old school pinball table with no flippers called Baga Ball.

Every table has a unique play style and there are multiplayer modes online to play head-to-head with your friends. This game gives you very realistic flipper controls with precise ball speed mechanics. The game includes three games unlocked when you first install it, and the Brix table is unlocked after four hours of play time.

2. PinOut!

Android Link for Pinout!

iPhone Link for PinOut!

This game is not for the user looking to play some traditional pinball as it plays on a continuous field. You use the flippers to guide the ball through the map as you race against time. You can get more time if you go through certain paths and make it to new levels. There are specific power ups that can freeze time for a short term or slow the time down too.

Targets can be hit to play mini games for stacking up even more time as well. The only downside is that you have to pay if you want to start the game from the last checkpoint you reached. But it’s still a very addictive game!

3. Williams Pinball

Android Link for Williams Pinball

iPhone Link for Williams Pinball

This app is on the list as it includes great classic titles such as Medieval Madness, Fish Tales, Attack from Mars, Black Rose and more. Another plus to this app is that you can play head-to-head against other players for real cash prizes, with daily challenges and daily competitions all the time.

Customizing tables in the game is very easy after you collect some tokens, and new games are added frequently. You can upgrade ball skins, ball trails and flipper skins, get extra visual effects and “pro physics” too. As you collect more tokens you can actually buy new tables with them too.

4. Zen Pinball

Android Link for Zen Pinball

iPhone Link for Zen Pinball

This free app includes the Sorcerer’s Lair table and comes with very good graphics. The game comes with operation manuals to change the settings and rules for each individual game. They have a bunch of game packs you can purchase in the app such as Marvel, Aliens Vs Pinball, Star Wars and many more. Each title has around three different tables.

5. Bethesda Pinball

Android Link for Bethesda Pinball

This game is a must for gamers that enjoy Fallout, Doom or Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. With intense multiplayer modes that allow you to explore the wasteland or destroy hordes of demons from Mars, there’s plenty of fun to had with this app.

The multiplayer mode gives you 3 minutes to beat your opponent’s score, and if you do, you’ll be rewarded with coins. These coins will let you play more games and even new solo games. When starting the app, you can choose which table you want to unlock, and beating high scores will unlock more tables. The one con is that to play the offline game modes you must buy the maps.

6. Pinball HD

Android Link for Pinball HD

iPhone Link for Pinball HD

This pinball app has amazing visuals that won an Apple Design Award in 2010, with its realistic 3D graphics. It includes three different tables titled Wild West, The Deep and Jungle Style. Each table has an “i” icon that will tell players about the rules of each table, making it easy for beginners to play.

This app includes ten different table add-ons through in-app purchases, with classic titles like AC/DC, Alice in Chains and more.

7. Pinball Arcade

Android Link for Pinball Arcade

iPhone Link for Pinball Arcade

Pinball arcade is a video game available on most platforms, from app stores on mobile devices to Steam on computers, the Xbox arcade, the PlayStation store and even the Wii store too.

Made with excellent graphics and good ball physics, this game will have you hooked playing classic titles. This game has incorporated some classics from Stern, Gottlieb and Alvin G. & Co. Recently added titles include Woah Nellie and Big Buck Hunter, with over 30 more games you can purchase in the app.

These games include about five tables per pack. The game comes with Goin’ Nuts, High Roller Casino and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. There is also a chance to receive free tables as the producers often release a few.

8. Pinball Flipper Classic 12 In 1

Android Link for Pinball Flipper Classic 12 in 1

iPhone Link for Pinball Flipper Classic Arcade

Pinball Flipper gives you access to 12 different tables including a brick breaker mode. Each game has its own rules and playable features to stack up extra points, and you can play against others in multiplayer mode. It should be noted that there are slightly different versions of this app depending on which platform you use.

9. 3D Pinball (Android Only)

Android Link for 3D Pinball

This pinball game has 3D graphics and simulated effects that you can pan and zoom to. The app comes with four tables: Wild West, Pirates, Frozen and a Magic themed table. Shaking your phone allows for a nudge affect and the physics will make the game feel very real. These tables feature nicely designed wooden playfields, with basic and advanced features for a good all-round pinball experience.

10. Pro Pinball (Apple Only)

iPhone Link for Pro Pinball

This app comes with very realistic looking playfield and the Timeshock! The ULTRA edition table. While the app itself is free, the paid standard edition will give you unlimited plays and no ads. The deluxe edition is good as they have a list of operation manuals for players to change settings on the table and the rules to get extra points.

They also have a feature where you can take the glass off the cabinet and move the ball around to get a zoomed in view of the field.

Final Thoughts

These are what we think are the top 10 pinball apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store right now. There are new games being made all the time, but these are some with the best selections of tables, graphics, and some extra features that set them apart from the rest.