The 10 Best Pinball Machines Of All Time

Since the first pinball machine made its debut in the 1930s, the game has steadily grown in popularity. At last count, there were 6,520 games listed on The Internet Pinball Machine Database. With so many machines to choose from, you may ask what are the best pinball machines of all time.

The 10 Best Pinball Machines Of All Time

  1. The Twilight Zone (Bally)
  2. The Addams Family (Bally)
  3. Medieval Madness (Williams)
  4. The Wizard of Oz Emerald City Standard Edition (Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc)
  5. Jurassic Park Pro (Stern)
  6. Theater of Magic (Bally)
  7. Godzilla Pro (Stern)
  8. Scared Stiff (Bally)
  9. Deadpool Premium and Limited Edition (Stern)
  10. Spider-Man (Stern)

It is worth mentioning that some of the machines in the top 10 were manufactured in the nineties. Despite the passage of 30 years, to be able to hold their position in the ranking is a tribute to their timeless charm. A more detailed description of these games follows.

The 10 Best Pinball Machines Of All Time

1. The Twilight Zone (Bally)

The Twilight Zone pinball machine was released in 1993, with 15,235 units produced. Based on the Twilight Zone TV series, the game is unique in that it has 4 flippers and a multi-ball option. It has lots of toys: a gumball machine that dispenses pinballs, and magnets in the playfield to catch the ball and aid the player. The upper right playfield has a large plastic hand that picks up the ball.

This has been called the best pinball machine of all time. Its immersive gameplay makes it one of the most addictive games and has some spectacular artwork on the playfield. To all the people who grew up hooked on the TV series, this is the pinball adaptation of the Twilight Zone. The game has received many accolades for its artwork and playability.

2. The Addams Family (Bally)

The Addams Family from Bally was released in 1992 with 20,270 units produced, subsequently becoming the best-selling machine of all time. The Addams Family pinball machine production was restarted in 1994 with Gold Edition machines that sported gold legs, gold lettering, gold bolts, and gold bumper caps. The machine had 4 flippers, 2 slingshots, and 2 ramps.

Themed on the Addams Family cartoons and TV series, the game is extremely popular. The flow of the game with its music and flashing lights has the capacity to keep the player absorbed for hours. There is a 3-ball, multi-ball option with a big magnet in the center of the playfield.

3. Medieval Madness (Williams)

Medieval Madness from Williams was released in 1997. It had a production of 4,016 units and boasts the voice of Tina Fey as the Opera singer and the cockney princess. The theme is from the Middle Ages, featuring a large castle with exploding towers, a drawbridge, and a princess tower. There are 2 pop-up troll heads to be hit by the pinball and a catapult to shoot a ball up a ramp.

Widely successful on release, it is sought after by collectors. It includes several multi-ball modes and the opportunity to play 2 at once. The skill level needed to play this game is above average. The excellent sound effects and color display make it fun for the entire family. According to many, this is the greatest game ever made. A must-have.

4. The Wizard of Oz Emerald City Standard Edition (Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc)

The Wizard of Oz machine, based on the classic film of 1939, was released in 2013 and was the first pinball machine to feature a 26-inch High Definition LCD screen on the backbox. It comes with 5 flippers, 2 slingshots, and 5 magnets to provide plenty of action. It also uses an Intel Celeron CPU.

After the game became very popular, Jersey Jack Pinball released 3 more versions, which are the Emerald City Limited Edition, the 75th Anniversary Edition, and the Yellow Brick Road Limited Edition. Of these 3, the Emerald City Limited Edition became the most popular of all.

The playfield is illuminated by color-changing LEDs, and the 26-inch HD TV scoreboard makes for a very colorful game. Factor in the sound system which can deliver 600 watts and the machine has the capability to completely absorb the player into the gameplay. This is one of the most brilliant games out there, though the skill level needed to play this is above average.

5. Jurassic Park Pro (Stern)

There are 3 versions of Jurassic Park from different manufacturers. In 1993, Data East Pinball Incorporated released 9,008 units. It was released again by Sega in 1997, and then by Stern in 2019. All 3 play differently, but this ranking is with reference to the Stern Pro version. Stern has 3 versions: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition.

The machine has 3 flippers, 2 slingshots, and 3 up-posts. Integrating with the game theme of outstanding music and animations, the colorful playfield is a map of the island Isla Nublar. The level of difficulty is medium, flippers can hit the ball very hard, and multi-ball modes are exciting, all of which make for a satisfying experience.

Experienced players will enjoy this game as the ball rockets around the playfield very fast needing a quick reaction time.

6. Theater of Magic (Bally)

Theater of Magic was released in 1995 with 6,600 units produced. Despite being one of the few titles in the ranking that is not based on a comic strip or film, its popularity speaks volumes about the game. It has 2 flippers, 2 slingshots, and a magic trunk that levitates the ball: this visual effect has been admired by many players.

The game was intended to be in homage to the magician David Copperfield, but the title was changed after the licensing fell through. A colorful cabinet, elegant artwork, and sound and lights that interact with each other integrate into a very enjoyable experience. Getting a high score is very easy.

7. Godzilla Pro (Stern)

Yet another pinball game riding on the success of the film with the same name. There are 3 versions of this game: Godzilla Premium, Godzilla Limited Edition, and Godzilla Pro. The game features 3 flippers, 2 slingshots, 6 standup targets, and 3 spinning targets.

The game has a few interesting innovations: a floating flipper, a Mecha-Godzilla, and a magnetic claw. The music uses the original theme from the film and changes as the game keeps going. Some of the gameplay is advanced, however, the overall difficulty level is set to medium. There are plenty of animations, with exceptional gameplay to keep an average player hooked for a long time.

8. Scared Stiff (Bally)

Scared Stiff was released in 1996 with 4,028 units produced. It’s a standard machine with 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, and a mechanical spinning spider on the backbox. It is the sequel to Elvira and the Party Monsters made in 1989. Even with 4 multi-ball modes, the level of difficulty is set quite low as most players are able to complete the 6 tales easily.

The game uses innuendo that may not be appreciated by all, even though Elvira’s double entendre is extremely funny. A beautiful machine worthy of being in the top 10.

9. Deadpool Premium and Limited Edition (Stern)

Deadpool was released in 2018, themed on the Deadpool films. As is the norm nowadays, 3 versions of Deadpool are available: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. The machine has 2 flippers, 2 slingshots, 10 standup targets, and 2 spinning targets. The extraordinary animations, plus excellent sound quality and hilarious callouts make this a winner.

The spinning disco ball and orbit shot are the outstanding visuals of this game. The phenomenal artwork on the cabinet and playfield set this apart from the others. Above all, the gameplay is just difficult enough to keep the player coming back for more.

10. Spider-Man (Stern)

Based on the comic books, TV series, and film, the game was released in 2007, with 3,760 units produced. There are 2 more versions, Black Spider-Man and Spider-Man VE. All have 3 flippers and 4 multi-ball modes. The sound is great, the artwork is fabulous with scenes from the movie on the dot matrix display. Playability is very addictive, this may well be one of the greatest games of all time.

The callouts are funny with the voice of J.K. Simmons, who plays the part of Jonah Jameson, Peter’s boss in the movie. Other voices from the movie can be heard as the game progresses. The fun part of the game is the Doc Ock magnet that he uses to grab the ball before it hits him. “Game Over”, triggers the spiderman song and light show.

Pinball Machines Below The Top 10: How Good Are They?

Even though the top 10 machines have been discussed, there are plenty of others that deserve recognition because they are almost as good. Every machine has fans who claim that their machine is the greatest game ever, so let’s take a look at the other contenders in the running.

11. The Lord of the Rings (Stern)

Themed after the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, this is one of the games that could very easily give the top 10 a tough fight. It was released in 2003 with 5,100 units produced, and again in 2009, in the form of a Limited Edition with 500 units produced. This standard 2 flipper game with 3 ramps also features a moving Balrog and collapsing tower.

Designed after 2000, it lacks the traditional targets and other toys found on the playfield. It has some amazing animations and 3 multi-ball modes: one for each of the 3 movies. It also lays claim to one of the most visually appealing effects seen in pinball machines, the ball levitating in a ring.

12. The Getaway: High Speed (Williams)

The Getaway: High Speed was released in 1992 with 13,259 units produced. This machine used 3 flippers, 5 standup targets, and a ramp that leads to an oval magnetic accelerator called the Supercharger Loop. The gameplay is very fast with the soundtrack reflecting it by using engine sounds, gears shifting, and police sirens. One of the most memorable games of the 90s.

This is another game with a mind-boggling visual effect: the magnetic accelerator zooms the ball around the oval Supercharger Loop at phenomenal speed. There are plenty of lights flashing all the time and lots of sounds to keep the player immersed in the gameplay.

13. Cirqus Voltaire (Bally)

Cirqus Voltaire was released in 1997, with a production of 2,704 units. It uses 2 flippers, 9 standup targets, and 2 kick-out holes. The main feature of the playfield is the Ringmaster, a head that rises from under the playfield to taunt the player. The Ringmaster’s head has a magnet that can catch the ball if the player tries to hit it.

In keeping with all the pinball machines of the 90s, it has bright attractive artwork and fantastic background audio. Numerous players insist that it is the best machine of all time. The machine is very rare, hence has become a collectible.

14. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Williams)

The theme of this game is Bram Stoker’s Dracula film from 1992. The game was released in 1993 with 6,801 units produced. This is a standard machine with 2 flippers, 2 ramps, and 3 multi-ball modes. The game has an excellent visual effect of a ghostly ball moving across the playfield seemingly all by itself, but powered by a magnet underneath it.

The spooky audio and beautiful blood-red artwork fit in with the Dracula theme. The open playfield makes the game move at a fast pace so the level of skill needed to play this one is well above average.

15. The Shadow (Bally)

The game is based on The Shadow film of 1994. The game was released in 1994 with 4,247 units produced. This machine has 3 flippers, 2 ramps, 2 kick-out holes, and 2 ball diverters controlled by the player. This game features a remarkable visual effect where the ball comes to a dead stop, moves back a bit, and then shoots forward. This is accomplished by using a magnetic lock below the playfield.

The main attractions on the playfield are the 2 ramps and magnet lock. Players have commented that the gameplay is fantastic with the right level of difficulty maintained to keep the player hooked.

16. Star Trek: The Next Generation (Williams)

This game was released in 1993, with a production of 11,728 units. The game has 3 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, 3 ramps, and a spinning target. There are a number of moving pieces on the playfield. A multi-ball option gives the player a choice of 2, 3, 4, or 6 balls. It features voices from the original Star Trek cast, with sound effects and music.

The game has been commended for its exquisite artwork and audio. 2 cannons are mounted on top of bumpers that fire balls. The outlanes tend to eat up a lot of the balls, so the skill level needed to play this is above average: many players avoid playing it. The machine requires a good bit of maintenance.

17. Dialed In! Limited Edition (Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc.)

There are 2 versions of this game, a Standard Edition and a Limited Edition released in 2017. The game features 3 flippers, 5 magnets, and a moving target. A digital camera takes photos of the player and displays them on the backglass. It provides a Bluetooth connection for the player to take control of the machine remotely through a smartphone. The backbox boasts a 27-inch LCD display.

This game is themed on disasters caused by a top-secret cell phone that can dial up different types of disasters. The gameplay is smooth and a good amount of skill is required to make any progress. The 5 magnets built into the playfield assist the various toys to move around. A great machine to buy, even though the difficulty level is set a bit too high.

18. White Water (Williams)

This game was released in 1993 with 7,008 units produced. Despite not having a High Definition LCD scoreboard or custom speech modules, it is reassuring to note that pinball machines made in the 90s are still in the ranking, giving machines manufactured 15 years later a run for their money. This only goes to prove that the biggest factor influencing the ranking is the playability of the game.

This is another one of very few games that are not themed after a comic strip or film, but on rafting in white water. With 3 flippers, 3 pop bumpers, and plenty of ramps, the only unique toys are a whirlpool funnel and Bigfoot. It features the longest ramp in pinball history: a waterfall ramp that stretches the entire length of the playfield.

The main action comes from the crazy ramps, some excellent music, and callouts. Many players maintain that this is the best game ever.

19. Creature from the Black Lagoon (Bally)

Creature from the Black Lagoon is themed on the 1954 film with the same name. Released in 1992, a total of 7,841 units were produced. This is a standard 2 flipper game with 2 ramps, and 2 kick-out holes. Every now and then a hologram of the Creature is visible below the playfield. There is a lot of sentiment here with the throwback to the drive-in movie theater era.

The game is relatively easy so enjoys wide appeal from expert players to beginners. The artwork is superb and the soundtrack is reminiscent of the 50s classics. This is another game that many claim to be the best of all time.

20. Funhouse (Williams)

This is the oldest machine we have looked at so far, as it was released in 1990 with 10,750 units produced. The game theme is an amusement park. With 3 flippers, 1 ramp, and 4 stand-up targets, it has just 1 toy: a talking head called “Rudy”. Shooting a ball into Rudy’s mouth gets 1,000,000 points plus a multi-ball. Rudy’s callouts are humorous, but not spicy enough to spoil it as a family game.

Play can be challenging for novices, but for veterans, this is a true classic. The game is very popular regardless of the fact that it is one of the few games that didn’t bank on a comic strip or film to get a running start.

21. Judge Dredd (Bally)

Judge Dredd is based on the British comic strip. 6,990 units were produced and released in 1993. It is worth noting that the film Judge Dredd with Sylvester Stallone came out 2 years later in 1995, one of the rare instances where the film cashed in on the popularity of the game and not the other way around. The voice of Judge Dredd was Tim Kitzrow.

The artwork is bright and colorful with exceptional animations on its dot-matrix screen. This machine has 4 flippers, 2 slingshots, and a 6-ball multi-ball mode. It allows the player to start the game in multi-ball, always a hot favorite with children.

22. Pinball Magic (Capcom Coin-Op, Inc.)

Pinball Magic was released in 1995, with a measly 1,200 units produced. This game was originally made in homage to the magician David Copperfield, but the licensing fell through. This is a standard 2 flipper game with 2 slingshots, and 5 standup targets. The backglass artwork is outstanding with accompanying sound and bass.

It has an interesting effect where a plastic hand holding a magic wand above the playfield captures the ball if it passes nearby. The ball then rolls under the length of the magnetically controlled wand onto the playfield. Another engrossing effect is the levitating ball. The game is very popular with beginners as the level of difficulty is very low.

23. Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Williams)

Indiana Jones was released in 1993 with 12,716 units produced. It is a standard machine with 2 flippers and 3 bumpers. Based on the Indiana Jones series of films, it has 4 multi-ball modes, with a rotating idol head that lets out balls on the playfield. It uses the original characters’ voices and sound clips from the films.

There are plenty of toys and a few ramps on the playfield. Playing with 6 balls in the multi-ball modes can be both hectic and satisfying. Playability is highly rated as most of the targets can be hit by players of average skill. The cabinet art is colorful with high-quality artwork.

24. Attack from Mars (Bally)

Attack from Mars was released in 1995, with 3,450 units produced. It has 2 flippers with 4 types of multi-ball. The playfield boasts of a flying saucer, a strobe light, and 4 Martian dancing figures. Tim Kitzrow created multiple voices that added to the music and sound effects. There are 6 missions to be played, with a special mission to rule the universe.

The lights on the playfield are mesmerizing with outstanding audio, and the game possesses enough playability to entice a beginner or master alike. Players claim that it is one of the more challenging games. Recommended for all pinball fans.

25. Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams)

Tales of the Arabian Nights was released in 1996 with 3,128 units produced. The game has 2 flippers, 2 slingshots, a spiral ramp, a kick-out hole, and a multi-ball mode. The sound and art package is one of the best with outstanding gameplay. It features 2 lamps on top of spinning posts that are very attractive to look at and immerses you in the theme.

The startup animation and beautiful playfield art make this a significant contender for the best visual effects. Sought after by collectors, this pinball machine is outstanding for its era.

26. Guns N’ Roses (Data East Pinball, Incorporated)

This game based on the hard rock group Guns N’ Roses was released in 1994 with 3,000 units produced. The machine features 3 flippers, 2 ramps, and 6 multi-ball modes. The artwork is created from photos of the band and the game starts by playing their song “Welcome to the Jungle.” In keeping with the theme, the machine uses 2 ball launchers, one has a gun handle, the other has a rose.

In multi-ball mode, 3 magnets mounted below the playfield are switched on and off to make the balls accelerate randomly. The ball moves around very fast, and as a result, needs a fair bit of skill to master it. Since very few machines were made, it has become the ambition of collectors to own them. The game is highly underrated in view of the fact that it does not have a comic book or film theme.

27. Ghostbusters Premium and Limited Edition (Stern)

Released in 2016, Ghostbusters is themed after the Ghostbusters films, with 3 versions: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. The Premium and Limited Edition versions feature some amazing visual effects. The ball moves randomly, it goes around in circles very fast or moves back and forth for a few seconds before a magnetic accelerator throws it.

The machine has 2 flippers, 2 captive balls, 2 kick-out holes, 9 stand-up targets, and 1 spinning target. The difficulty level is high, a beginner will find it very difficult to play because the ball drains very easily. Some great artwork on the back-glass with the Ghostbusters theme song doesn’t compensate for the gameplay that could have been much better.

28. AC/DC Premium (Stern)

AC/DC Premium from Stern is a music-based game released in 2012. There are 3 versions: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. This machine has 4 flippers, 2 slingshots, 8 standup targets, and 1 spinning target. All through the game, there is plenty of music: Highway to Hell, Back in Black, and Thunderstruck, ergo music lovers will love this, especially the AC/DC fans.

There are some great toys on the playfield, a cannon, drop targets, ramps, and a moving bell. The difficulty level is high with the ball moving very fast. A tough game for a novice to play. The LEDs change color as different songs are played, and so do different areas of the playfield.

29. Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Pro (Stern)

Launched in March 2018, there are 3 versions of this game: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. All versions have 4 flippers, 2 spinners, and a bulls-eye target, with audio of 12 Iron Maiden songs. The upper set of flippers can be used to hit the ball up the ramps or for the bulls-eye. From the variety of music-themed games, this seems to be the best so far, with an extra appeal to Iron Maiden fans.

The game is relatively easy to play, even a beginner can get the multi-ball mode. It features excellent artwork, great animations, and the audio of callouts is in 2 different voices. From the gameplay perspective, it scores highly, with something interesting for novices and veterans alike.

30. Monster Bash (Williams)

Monster Bash was released in 1998, with 3,361 units produced. The Monster theme is in keeping with the other wildly successful Williams games, namely Medieval Madness and Tales of the Arabian Nights. It features the standard 2 flippers with 2 slingshots and a spinning target. The skill level needed to play this is very low, this may well be one of the easiest games to play.

It has a number of great toys: Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, the Mummy with sarcophagus, Wolf Man, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. A figurine of Dracula is a key target to be hit as it moves across the playfield. This game is one of the most addictive.

31. Goldeneye (Sega)

Released in 1996 with 2,200 units produced, Goldeneye is the pinball adaptation from Sega, of the 1995 James Bond film Goldeneye. Whenever the Bond license is involved, it usually guarantees a high-quality product, and Goldeneye holds true with some amazing artwork, sound effects, speech, and animations. Many players have commented that Goldeneye is the best game that Sega has ever made.

Goldeneye has a great visual effect where a magnet between the flippers saves the ball from going down the drain and throws it back to the playfield. The game is challenging because of a very fast-moving ball. For Bond fans, the biggest attractions are the one-liner callouts from Q and M.

32. The Simpsons Pinball Party (Stern)

Released in 2003, with 5,900 units produced, The Simpsons Pinball Party is based on its very popular animated sitcom, The Simpsons. This is the second release as The Simpsons was first released in 1990 by Data East Pinball that later became Stern Pinball. This pinball machine features 5 flippers, 3 drop targets, and 2 multi-ball modes.

The hilarious callouts were created using the original Simpsons voices, while the backglass and cabinet art is by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. It has a reversed flipper feature, where the left switch controls the right flipper and the right switch controls the left flipper: the only way to play it is with crossed arms. Loads of fun for the entire family, despite being an older machine.

33. Avengers: Infinity Quest (Stern)

Based on the comic books, television series, and films, the Avengers pinball game is bound to have a big advantage over the others. Released in 2020, Avengers: Infinity Quest has 3 versions: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. The game features 3 flippers, 4 ramps, and a magnet. The gameplay is very fast, but still playable by a low-skilled player using the cheat mode.

There are plenty of callouts from Thanos, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Ironman, with some beautiful artwork on the cabinet and playfield. Other attractions are great sound effects plus the magnetic Avenger Tower and drop targets are fun all the way.

34. Star Wars Pro (Stern)

There are 4 versions of Star Wars, from 1992, 1997, and 1999. This version from Stern was released in 2017, with a number of innovations. It features 2 flippers, 3 slingshots, 9 standup targets, and a miniature LCD screen on the playfield. The brightly colored playfield has a number of RGB LEDs that change color to generate a light show as the action on it progresses.

Fans of the Star Wars film soundtrack will love the music, sound effects, plus the bonus of animations straight from the film. At the start of the game, the player gets the chance to choose the character, mission, and mode. Best suited for skilled players for the reason that the ball rockets around the playfield.

35. Stargate (Gottlieb)

Based on the Stargate film, the game was released in 1995 by Gottlieb, with 3,600 units produced. This was one of the last games from Gottlieb before the company shut down in the summer of 1996. The playfield is predominantly light blue with detailed art intended to give the appearance of deep space with a stunning 3D backglass and light show.

The game features 3 flippers, 2 ramps, 3 wizard modes, and 4 multi-ball modes. It is designed for players of all skill levels to enjoy, with the extra benefit of multi-ball action. The music and sound effects could have been better, but there are plenty of mods available to upgrade it. None of the callouts are from the movie, only praising the player for playing well.

36. TRON: Legacy (Stern)

TRON: Legacy is based on the 2010 film from Disney. It was released in 2011, with 3 flippers, 2 slingshots, 2 spinning targets, and 8 standup targets. The 3D backglass features the film’s characters, and the callouts use the character’s voices. It has amazing artwork on the cabinet with excellent playfield lighting.

A great soundtrack, with ramps that light up in sync with the ball hits, make it an interesting experience, though still a very tough game to play. A good amount of empty space in the lower part of the playfield allows the ball to move too fast for an average player or beginner to react.

37. X-Men Wolverine Limited Edition (Stern)

The X-men adaptation for the pinball game by Stern is based on the X-men comic books, television series, and films. There are 3 versions: Pro, and 2 Limited Editions, Wolverine and Magneto. The machine has 3 flippers, 2 slingshots, 7 standup targets, and 1 spinning target. It has a beautiful light show with changing colors. The upper part of the playfield is a bit dark.

Its best feature is the Magneto spinning disc that captures 3 to 4 balls, then holds them on the spinning disc for a few seconds, to later release them one at a time in different directions. The animations are excellent and the voices sound like the 90s cartoons. For X-Men comic book fans, this machine will always appeal.

38. Cactus Canyon (Bally)

Cactus Canyon was the last pinball machine manufactured by Bally/Williams in 1998 with 903 units produced, making this machine a collector’s favorite. The machine has 2 flippers, 4 drop targets, and a train moving on a track above the playfield, The playfield artwork is very intricate, perhaps a bit overcrowded with too many objects on it.

The cabinet sides have colorful artwork with the name of the machine. It features some great sound effects from the Wild West in harmony with the cowboy theme of the game. Entertaining callouts add to the relatively easy play, making this a beginner’s delight. Even competing with pinball machines made 20 years later, this machine holds its own admirably.

39. Guardians of the Galaxy (Stern)

Themed on the Marvel film from 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy was released in 2017. The machine has 2 flippers, 3 standup targets, and a diverter magnet. The cabinet and backglass have exceptionally stunning artworks, with a brightly colored playfield. The gameplay is not at all demanding making this an excellent game for beginners.

The cherry bomb multi-ball feature is one of the best on any machine and a delight to play for most players. The soundtrack and sound effects are straight from the movie. For those who would prefer to upgrade, there are a number of sound mods available. Probably one of the most underrated games in the ranking.

40. Iron Man (Stern)

This is another pinball machine adaptation of the comic book, television series, and films, released in 2010. Typical of the Marvel games, the cabinet and backglass feature stunning artwork. The playfield is brightly lit with a predominant reddish-brown hue. The machine has 2 flippers, 2 magnets, 2 ramps, and 4 multi-ball modes.

There are 3 versions of the game: Iron Man, Iron Man Classic, and Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition). The standard gripe is that the Iron Monger magnet throws the ball straight down the drain. The ball movement is super-fast making this one best suited for the experts.

Which Company Makes The Best Pinball Machines?

Many of the top games are manufactured by Bally, Williams, or Stern. Even though Stern came about later, it appears to have taken over the pole position. About 90% of the top games manufactured after 2000 are from Stern. Another high-quality manufacturer is Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc.

Many buyers have complained about certain machines needing excessive maintenance. However, this seems to be a function of natural wear and tear, rather than faulty workmanship or substandard components. These complaints apply to all machines made by any manufacturer.

There is a time limit as to how long a manufacturer maintains a comprehensive inventory of spare parts after production has ceased. Home buyers who are buying refurbished machines are advised to take note of the main parts that wear out and order replacement parts while they are still available.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, thousands of pinball games have been manufactured, most of which are very average. Every player has a favorite set of games based on his or her opinion. The list contained here is an attempt to collect the top games of all time and rank them in order of playability and popularity.